Harvoni Cost in US, Canada, India (Updated), UK, Egypt and Europe

Harvoni is the new Hepatitis C drug with over 90% cure rate. In the US, Harvoni costs $94,500, in Europe less than 50,000€ and in India around $1,000. Click To Tweet How much does Harvoni cost elsewhere?

Probably you're wondering ‘How much does Harvoni cost in my local pharmacy?' The cost of Harvoni is a major problem. With a $94,500 price tag for standard 12-week treatment, Harvoni is one of the most expensive medicines in the world. Do you think that the price of Harvoni is too high? 

harvoni cost in us canada uk india europe france australia
Costs of Harvoni treatment in the US, Canada, Europe, India, Egypt and Australia

Here are Harvoni costs in (click the link to read more):
– the US ($94,500)
– Canada ($80,000)
– India ($900)
– the UK (£39,000)
– Germany (48,000€)
– Egypt ($1200)

In this article, we'll let you know how to get a -25% off on Harvoni and save more than $20,000. In other therapeutical areas like diabetes they are giving away FREE glucose meter (click if you need one) and subsidizing heavily the purchase of insulin pumps such as the new MiniMed 670G. Why can't the same deals be had in Hepatitis C treatment?

how many people die of hepatitis c per state
According to GoodRX: These are the current Harvoni costs (per 28-pill bottle) as of November 2016 in the US pharmacies: Click To Tweet

harvoni cost 2016
Price per bottle (28 pills) of Harvoni. The standard 12-week treatment requires 3 bottles.

But this is not all. It gets better:

These are the current Harvoni costs (per 28-pill bottle) as of November 2016 in the US pharmacies: Click To Tweet This is a fraction of a cost of the original. You might check out the article about generic Harvoni and Sovaldi from India.

Harvoni is Most Expensive in the US

Unfortunately, Harvoni cost in the USA and other countries around the world is also one of the highest of any drug treatments available. When the cost of Sovaldi pill, Harvoni's predecessor, was $1000 per pill and more than $50,000 per treatment, patients and insurance agencies alike had questions if the price for the Hepatitis C drug is justifiable. One could redecorate a whole luxury bathroom with that, including even a variety of walk-in bathtubs for seniors.

When Gilead Sciences introduced an upgraded drug called Harvoni (90mg ledipasvir/400mg sofosbuvir) on the market, the main issue was the Harvoni cost on the US market, and what cost of Harvoni pills can other countries in Europe and Asia expect.

However, there is a way to get some discount on Harvoni.

How to get the lowest price of Harvoni in the US?

How to get cheap Harvoni? Gilead Sciences, a company producing sofosbuvir and ledipasvir pills Harvoni, is offering a co-pay program in order for more people to get the hep C treatment they need. The co-pay program will reduce the Harvoni cost from $1,125 to only $5. Click To Tweet How can you get Harvoni coupon?

Well, there is no coupon. You have to be eligible for the co-pay program. One of the major criteria is that you are not a part of Medicare. See more about eligibility criteria at Gilead website.

One of the major problems with this cheap Harvoni is that only 25% of the 12-week treatment is covered. Nevertheless, this is still a more than $20,000 savings you are making with choosing to go with co-pay program.

Considering the Harvoni coupons from Gilead co-pay, the new Harvoni price is closer to $75,000 for the 12-week treatment.

Importance of Taking Care of Your Liver

Hepatitis C treatment will only get rid of your Hepatitis C-related problems.

It is important to always take care of your liver, before treatment, during treatment as well as after treatment. The best way to keep the lift and keep the healthy liver functions is by having a healthy and balanced diet as well as exercising. Natural supplements can additionally boost liver functions and speed up liver detoxification.

There are some very good liver detoxification natural supplements such as Liver Cleanse Detox Supplements containing milk thistle and uva-ursi extract to name just a few. Liver Cleanse Detox does not only help upkeep normal liver functions, but also boosts energy and promotes weight loss. Some of these products have also served well for passing drug test and are often used as a THC detox.

Here are the must-have best-selling liver cleanse and support natural supplements.

Keep in mind that using natural supplements can slow down the process of liver cirrhosis in Hepatitis C patients, according to several key studies.

Harvoni Price in Online Pharmacies

These are Harvoni prices as of February 2015 as quotes by the company and credible media. However, if you want to know how much Harvoni will cost you at the pharmacy, here are some numbers from online pharmacies. The information is served by PharmacyChecker who compared different prices of the same drugs in sold in various countries.

harvoni prices in online pharmacies
Harvoni prices in online pharmacies

As you can see from the figure above the price of Harvoni pill is around $1000 in online pharmacies. Normally these numbers are very trustworthy.

Unfortunately, these pharmacies are not US based. But if you are wondering what the cost of Harvoni in Canada or UK is, you get a ballpark figure of this chart.

Many of these online pharmacies are stationed in other countries, and as you see how much Harvoni cost in New Zealand and Turkey.

Here are some prices of Harvoni in the US online pharmacies:

Harvoni in the US Online Pharmacies

When Gilead Sciences first launched Sovaldi and Harvoni, still the most successful Hepatitis C treatments, they were the only ones on the market.

However, now AbbVie, a competing company, has launched their own version of Hepatitis C treatment known as Viekira Pak and started selling it for $83,318 per 12-week treatment. This is more than $10,000 less per treatment than Harvoni. A new drug, Epclusa, is also available for $74,760. An Epclusa generic was also launched by Beacon Pharma.

Here are the new Harvoni prices as of December 2015 according to goodrx.com. These are the prices for 28 tablets bottles of Harvoni (400mg sofosbuvir, 90mg ledipasvir). You'll also see that you these Harvoni costs are calculate using a Harvoni coupon.

harvoni cost in the us different pharmacies 28 pack

As you can see, Kroger Pharmacy, Walmart, Kmart and Sams Club are neck a neck as far as the US price of Harvoni is concerned. Kroger Pharmacy offers the lowest prices for the new Hepatitis C treatment – 28 tablets bottle costs $31,476.50, with the rest of the pharmacy chains offering Harvoni for 10 cents higher price.

For standard 12-week treatment, you'll need 3 bottles, yielding $94,429.50 for the whole treatment if you buy at Kroger Pharmacy.

On the other hand, the most expensive Harvoni from the list is the one from Rite-Aid. Here you'll pay $103,381.86 for the same treatment. Be smart about where you buy the medicine – just picking the right pharmacy can save you almost $10,000.

The US has the highest price of Harvoni in the world. What about buying Harvoni in Canada?

Harvoni cost in Canada – $84,000 per treatment (covered by most health insurances)

In Canada, the healthcare system is significantly different than in the US. That's why the cost of Harvoni in Canada for an individual patient is different. Most of Harvoni expenses in Canada are covered by their government. Click To Tweet

In such a way, the pricey sofosbuvir and ledipasvir drug for hepatitis C are completely covered in certain provinces in Canada. In which provinces is Harvoni 100% covered in Canada? Here is the list of provinces, check out if you get free Harvoni here.

harvoni cost in canada

If Harvoni in Canada doesn't have full coverage in some provinces, the co-pay programs exist to assist one in getting the necessary treatment as directed by a doctor or your health care specialist.

Harvoni cost in Canada is pretty much the same as in the USA, so if you get no subsidies from your healthcare system, the price of Harvoni pill is about $1000. This gives a standard 12-week treatment $84,000 price tag.

Harvoni and Sovaldi Cost in Egypt – $1,200 per treatment

Egypt is a special hepatitis C story and Harvoni cost. While in US and Canada approximately 3% of people are infected with hepatitis C, Egypt has almost 15% of people infected with this deadly virus.

That's why Egyptian government is trying hard to negotiate Harvoni prices. The reason why is because Egypt has had poor blood transfusion quality control and 1 out of 200 of blood transferred to patients was infected with hepatitis C.

harvoni cost in egypt

Good news on Harvoni cost

Sovaldi, Harvoni's predecessor, was under similar negotiations. If you are asking how much Sovaldi costs in Egypt, you will be surprised – $80 for a bottle or $240 for whole week treatment. That's right, in Egypt you will be able to buy Sovaldi with 99% discount.

The Harvoni cost negotiations in Egypt seem to be going down the same successful path as for Sovaldi. The price offered by Gilead in Egypt is $400 per bottle or $1,200 per 12-week treatment. But the government in Cairo want even to reduce this price. With over than 2 million patients and more coming, what the price of Harvoni in Egypt is will majorly impact their health finances. The majority of costs connected with Harvoni, however, will be largely covered by Egyptian healthcare system.

Bad news on Harvoni unavailability

Egypt might seem like a place to buy cheap Harvoni. The only problem is that both Harvoni and Sovaldi will only be available for doctors to prescribe and patient to use in November 2015. That means that prior to this date, Egyptian people won't be able to get Harvoni for any price.

Harvoni cost in India – $900 per treatment

India is also a special case when it comes to Harvoni prices. Because the majority of India's population is of low income, the government has negotiated a deal with Gilead for Sovaldi price to be $300 per bottle or $900 per treatment.

harvoni cost in india

About how much Harvoni will cost in India, we have no information as of yet. Sovaldi will we available in the third quarter of 2015, so it's not even on the market. But considering that Sovaldi will be sold at $900, there are preliminary two options for Harvoni cost in India.

Either the cost per 12-week treatment will be something over $1000, or the treatment won't be available at reduced price. Harvoni is even better drug than Sovaldi, but not by so much. If you can get Sovaldi for $900, will people be prepared $94,500 for Harvoni in India? Over the summer, the price of Harvoni in India will be indicated and we'll get to you with the news.

Some speculation is that Indian government will sell Harvoni for $10 per pill, which is similar to the price of Harvoni in Egypt. This means the cost of Harvoni treatment in India will be less than $1000. When will I be able to buy Harvoni in India, you might ask. The most probable answer is in November 2015 Harvoni will be available. It all depends on the government Harvoni price negotiations.

Update on Harvoni in India

On 28th of October 2015, the new generic version of Harvoni was launched by an Indian pharmaceutical company Natco Pharma. The name of the generic version of Hepatitis C medicine is Hepcinat. However, this is not exactly Harvoni, which consist of 400 mg sofosbuvir and 90 mg ledipasvir. Hepcinat from Natco Pharma is Sovaldi (400 mg sofosbuvir), Harvoni's predecessor, which has generally similar effectiveness as Hepatitis C cure. You can read more about Harvoni vs. Sovaldi here.

However, there is a catch.

Generic version of Sovaldi is to be used only for Indian population. When Gilead Sciences gave permission to Natco Pharma to produce Sovaldi, they knew people from US and Europe who are paying more than $50,000 for the drug will try to get their hands on generic version of Sovaldi. This is why Hepcinat LP can be prescribed only by a hepatologist in India and is meant for treatment of Indian population.

The newly developed Epclusa generic Sofosvel costs even less - $840. Click To Tweet

Harvoni cost in Europe

Harvoni is a wonder drug for hepatitis C patients in Europe as well. That's why Gilead Sciences intended to sell the Harvoni predecessor Sovaldi at its roughly US rate – 56,500€ per 12-week treatment. The price of Sovaldi in Europe was considered too high, considering the number of patients in need of it. Simply put, the health care financial system would have to produce massive amounts of money just for hepatitis C patients, leaving little behind for other diseases. The French were the first to revolt against the heavy Sovaldi drug cost in Europe.

Harvoni cost in France – 48,000€ per treatment

France was first European country to object the high price of Sovaldi and Harvoni. As a result, French have negotiated a deal with Gilead. How much Sovaldi costs in France? Only 41,000€ per 12-week treatment. Harvoni cost in France is 48,000€ per standard treatment. French are currently looking for the long term deal for the price of Harvoni in France and other countries in the European Union.

Harvoni and Sovaldi cost in Germany – 41,000€ per treatment (Sovaldi)

The cost of Sovaldi in Germany was also put to the test by Gilead. Germans, being a the biggest European market, have negotiated a deal – 41,000€ per treatment from the original 56,500€ for Sovaldi pills.

Harvoni cost in Germany is still being discussed about, but the ballpark figure will be somewhere below 50,000€. German regulators are doing the heavy work on hammering down the price and are possibly waiting for an alternative solution. Currently challenging Harvoni price in Germany are Merck and Abbott, who are on a way of delivering their own hepatitic C drugs that might come with a substantially lower price tag. However, the effectiveness of these novel drugs will most probably be less that of Harvoni.

Harvoni cost in the UK – £39,000

The UK is also very active in solving Harvoni price issues. NICE has been in talks with Gilead about a price of Sovaldi in the UK already and they've hammered out the price of £35,000 per treatment.

Harvoni price in the UK is at 39,000 British pounds. This seems in league with other European countries, the UK just had some problem with funding the high prices of Sovaldi and Harvoni in the UK.

Why is Harvoni such a miracle drug?

Harvoni is nothing short than a wonder drug for Hepatitis C patients. Treatment before Sovaldi and Harvoni were available was unsuccessful in more than 50% of cases making Hepatitis C virus a deadly disease. Treatment included daily injections of interferon that causes headaches and unwanted immune responses. Because of this pharmaceutical industry unloaded billions of dollars into research and development of new hepatitis C drug. The result is molecule called sofosbuvir, out of which Sovaldi and Harvoni are made out of. Sovaldi pills consist of 400 mg of sofosbuvir (price tag around $1000), Harvoni consists of sofosbuvir and an additional substance ledipasvir (price tag for sofosbuvir-ledipasvir 400mg/90mg pill is around $1,125). The cost of Harvoni is sometimes justified by the lack of alternative treatments and the cost of a new liver – app. $250,000 – which is needed for Hepatitis C patients if everything else fails.

The fruit of Gilead research was a tremendous success. And because created billions of costs in research and is a very effective drug, the Harvoni cost can be justified to be so high. There are many discussions if the cost of Harvoni is too high but if you are in need of it and the alternative is certain death, then the price tag doesn't matter that much. However, in some countries around the world cheaper versions of Harvoni can be bought. Where can I buy cheap Harvoni?

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        World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) provides a basis why importing Hepatitis C medicines such as generic DAAs is legal. According to Article 60 of the said agreement known as De Minimis Imports, the following is stated:
        “Members may exclude from the application of the above provisions small quantities of goods of a non-commercial nature contained in travellers’ personal luggage or sent in small consignments.”

        Arguably, the best way to procure Hepatitis C medications for less than $2,000 is using a buyers club such as Fix Hep C Buyers Club. They can provide you with valid diagnosis and prescriptions, and they help you get the medications. Contact Dr. Freeman and he’ll be happy to answer all the questions Hepatitis C patients have.

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        Arguably, the best way to procure Hepatitis C medications for less than $2,000 is using a buyers club such as Fix Hep C Buyers Club. They can provide you with valid diagnosis and prescriptions, and they help you get the medications. Contact Dr. Freeman and he’ll be happy to answer all the questions Hepatitis C patients have.

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