About Us

Welcome to Hepatitis C Society of NDA.

We help Hepatitis C patients find the requisite information to assist in their treatments and give valuable free advice on everything connected with Hepatitis C disease and the treatments available.

It is our mission to give full support to Hepatitis C patients. This includes the detailed information about the roots of Hepatitis C disease, it's transmission and available treatments.

It is our express hope that our work will raise awareness for Hepatitis C and bring understanding to patients as well as general public. We were born in a time where Hepatitis C was a deadly disease with a sub-standard cure. As of 2013, the world has an effective treatment with a very high cure rate. This is what changed the game and motivated us to start spreading the awareness of the new medicines and their success.

We also feature stories from our patients concerning their experiences with Hepatitis C and treatments, such as side effects, weight gain, successes and failures both. If you have a story to share, we would be most grateful to feature it and share it with all Hepatitis C patients seeking help. You can email us your stories at hepatitisc.society@esofosbuvir.com.

If you have any questions about the disease, you are also most welcome to contact us at hepatitisc.society@esofosbuvir.com. We respond readily and in time to bring you the vital information about Hepatitis C as soon as possible.

You can subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed about Hepatitis C; we will also issue coupons and treatment recommendations in order for you to protect your liver and save on Hepatitis C related expenses.

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