Hepatitis C Treatment

There are different ways of Hepatitis C treatment. The upside is that new innovative drugs such as Sofosbuvir are being discovered that can deliver the best treatment results with as little inconvenience and adverse effects as possible.

hepatitis c treatment

First of, lets do the math. Infection with Hepatitis C virus in 60-70% develop chronic Hepatitis C disease that can lead to death by liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. It is suggested that 1-5% of people infected die because of Hepatitis C.

There are treatments to work against this math by achieving the distinct goals:

  1. Liver cirrhosis relief
  2. Relief of potential diseases outside the liver (Hep C can spread)
  3. Reducing the Hepatitis C transmission

Needless to say, there are few factors that can increase the likelihood of Hepatitis C complications, such a chronic alcoholism, diabetes, obesity or drugs that can hurt the liver.

Since the market release of Sofosbuvir on 6th of December 2013, there are two viable treatments for Hepatitis C.


Interferon treatment is the golden standard for Hepatitis C treatment since the late 1980s. Interferon deliver to the body via injecting it directly to the bloodstream. Interferon is pegylated, which enables long-lasting effect. Ribavirin, an antiviral medicine is used together with interferon to better treat Hepatitis C. The treatment last from 24 to 48 weeks, depending on Hepatitis C genotype. The cure rate is 50-60%. Interferon side effects such as flu-like symptoms develop in half of the treated patients, while a third of the patients experience emotional problems.


Sofosbuvir in the latest medicine for Hepatitis C. It is the first all-oral treatment for Hep C, taken together with Ribavirin. Treatment with Sofosbuvir lasts for 12 to 24 weeks, which is half the time of the treatment with interferon. The cure rate is about 90% which is a drastic increase from 50-60% with interferon. It is also worth mentioning that Sofosbuvir is used together with interferon and Ribavirin to treat genotype 1 and genoytpe 4 Hepatitis C. However, the side effects for treatment without interferon do not cause interferon-related adverse effects such as flu-like symptoms and emotional complications.

There are also other alternative treatments we will cover, but the basis of Hepatitis C is represented by mixture of interferon with Ribavirin together with the newly developed drug Sofosbuvir in the form of Sovaldi pills.

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