Hepatitis C Vaccine

There has been a lot of talk about Hepatitis C vaccine. With millions of people suffering from the disease and millions of potential cases just pending for infection, the need for some kind of vaccine is very high. Unfortunately, however, the vaccine for Hepatitis C does not yet exist. Some serious research is done on developing of the vaccine and we will report those in our news, but as of now the latest treatment is Sofosbuvir and there is still no vaccine in sight.

hepatitis c vaccine

Nonetheless, there are measures that are or can be put in place to reduce the spread of Hepatitis C other than getting vaccinated.

The most important thing is to reduce risk of Hep C transmission via non-sterile or used needles primarily used by drug addicts or, on the other hand, by tattoo artists. Remember that more than 60% of all Hep C transmission comes from needle reuse. Drug addicts can find free sterile needles at local pharmacies, which gives them an opportunity to not use the same needles again and again and thus risking Hep C infection.

Hep C infested donor blood is also responsible for close to 25% of Hepatitis C transmission. Here are important steps were take in 1990 when testing donor blood for Hepatitis C virus was introduced. Today this test is used in most of the developed countries. However, the problem with testing the blood are the costs associated with these tests and there are some countries that choose not to test donor blood.

hepatitis c vaccine

Professional and public education about the disease is also of great importance in reducing Hep C infections. I don't know about you, but the studies suggest that more than 70% of people are unsure if there is Hepatitis C vaccine in existence. In part, this is also our mission here at esofosbuvir.com to engage the readers and spread the word about the Hepatitis C awareness.


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