How To Buy Hepcinat LP and at What Cost? Quick Thoughts

Hepcinat LP is the first in line of generic Harvoni medications for chronic Hepatitis C patients. The originator of Harvoni, Gilead Sciences, rewarded 11 Indian companies with licenses to develop and market generic medications they originated. Primarily, these are the expensive Hepatitis C medications such as Sovaldi, Harvoni and Epclusa.

Hepcinat  and Hepcinat LP development

Natco Pharma was one of the companies included. They were in fact the first ones to develop a perfect copy of Gilead's Sovaldi (400mg sofosbuvir) and Harvoni (400mg sofosbuvir/90mg ledipasvir)generic version of these drugs – and launched them under names Hepcinat (400mg sofosbuvir) and Hepcinat LP (400mg sofosbuvir/90mg ledipasvir).

With the price of Hepcinat LP being considerably low in comparison with original Harvoni, Hepatitis C patients are trying to buy it in India and other countries. Hepcinat LP treatment costs less than $3,000 while the price of original is $94,500 in the US.

hepcinat lp ledipasvir sofosbuvir
Hepcinat LP cost more than $90,000 less than original Harvoni

The low price of Hepcinat LP has given an opportunity to finally treat everybody; not only those who could afford the high costs of the original drugs. With millions suffering from Hepatitis C, Hepcinat LP was the first generic medicine to open the door for treatment not only in India, Egypt and other developing countries. Many patients from the US and Europe actively seek to buy Hepcinat LP simply because they cannot afford the treatment at home. Moreover, even those who can afford the treatment, choose generic medications because the difference in cost is literally absurd (more than $90,000).

Hepcinat vs Hepcinat LP

Consists of:400mg sofosbuvir pills400mg sofosbuvir/90mg ledipasvir pills
Manufactured by:Natco PharmaNatco Pharma
Cost of original drug:$80,000 (Sovaldi)$94,500 (Harvoni)
Cost of generic drug:cca. $1,000cca. $1,300
Packaging for 12-week treatment:3 x 28-pill bottle3 x 28-pill bottle
Genotype 1 cure rate:90%97%

Hepcinat LP is usually a better choice

In most cases, Hepatitis C is better treated with Hepcinat LP than with Hepcinat. For one, Hepcinat treatment is usually combined with ribavirin treatment as well as pegylated interferon in some cases.

Hepcinat LP consists of a simple 1-pill per day regimen and has high cure rate, especially for genotype 1 and 4.

Both medicines are of same quality and effectiveness as the original Sovaldi and Harvoni. This is a must for all generic medications and Natco Pharma Hepatitis C products are no different. That is to say that it doesn't really matter if you take original or generic; both should work the same. Pharmaceutical regulation is very strict as far as differences between original and generic go and tolerate only the slightest anomalies between the two.

Why are people traveling to India for Hepcinat LP, Ledifos or Hepcvir L?

This is why Hepcinat LP is so sought after. It has exactly the same characteristic that original Harvoni, for more than 98% reduction in price. While Harvoni's cost is $94,500, Hepcinat LP in India costs only a little over $1,000. This has spurred a lot of medical tourism where patients travel to India to obtain the effective drugs at more than $90,000 discount.

Buying Hepcinat LP in India

Traveling to India for Hepatitis C treatment is not without certain issues.

For example, some Indian doctors require a prescription or even liver tests (fibroscans) to be able to prescribe India's issued prescriptions for Hepcinat LP. On the other hand, a majority of pharmacies in India don't have Hepatitis C medicines in stock and patients are left to find their own way to drug distributors, sometimes with little or no success. There are, however, lots of success stories of patients going to India, buying Hepcinat LP or any other generic Harvoni (such as Ledifos, Hepcvir and so on) and arriving in the States Hepatitis C negative. The costs of the flight, hotel and medications usually don't exceed $5,000. In effect, these patients had just saved around $90,000 – this is an amount that many of them might work 2 full years for.

With the current regulation that allows the import of drugs per Article 60 of WTO for personal use, more and more patients choose to find Hepcinat LP online and buy it. This is a much more convenient way but one has to be sure that the online supplier of Hepcinat LP is credible and has a good track record. In either case, it does save patients from traveling to India.

Buying Hepcinat LP Online

Buying medication online has become a routine in the US and Europe. However, when dealing with online pharmacies based in India, one can't be enough vary. With the cost of Hepcinat LP staggeringly high for India's standard of living, some people might exploit the needy patients.

buy hepcinat online
Always check the company you're buying generic Harvoni from

This is why always check which company you're buying your medications from. If you want to buy Hepcinat LP online from an Indian company, check their track record, how long they have been in business and generally consider what kind of overall reputation they have. The price of Hepcinat LP offered might be low but it won't help you one bit if the drugs are not of appropriate quality and effectiveness.

Hepcinat LP cost in India

The price of Hepcinat LP, created by Natco Pharma, varies quite a bit. If you're looking to buy life-saving generic medications, do have in mind that this in not the situation in which you only look for the lowest price.

Buying Hepcinat in India is usually preferred method but it requires patients to travel to India. Usually one can't get these medications in India's pharmacies. India has a system of independent drug distributors which patients can contact when in India and settle for a price of sofosbuvir/ledipasvir pills. More about it in our article about generic Harvoni. Here is one story of a patient that traveled to India and obtained generic version of Harvoni for $1,500.

The cost of a bottle (28 pills) is quoted somewhere between $330 and $600, depending on a generic drug distributor in India. Please do keep in mind that a standard treatment with sofosbuvir-based products such as all generic Harvoni brands (Hepcinat LP, Ledifos, Hepcvir L, Ledihep – all IDENTICAL to Harvoni) lasts for 12 weeks. For the whole treatment, your average patient needs 3 bottles of generic Hepatitis C medicine.

This brings the price of Hepcinat LP treatment bought in India to $990-$1,800. You have to add the costs of flight to India and back, hotels, cabs and such things but a majority of patients are quite glad to pay these extra expenses instead of paying $94,500 for original Harvoni.

Cost of Hepcinat LP online

Online supplier of generic Hepatitis C medications are numerous, and they offer products like Ledifos or Hepcvir L for very low prices. However, one cannot stress enough how important it is to be sure you're buying the real medications from an accredited and licensed online vendor.

Costs online range anywhere from $400 to $800 per bottle. This brings the total cost of treatment bought online (3 bottles) to $1,200-$2,400. The Hepcinat LP shipping is usually paid extra but does not exceed $50 in most cases. What patients don't have to pay are travel expenses to India – which may cost even more than $3,000, depending on the length of stay and what kind of deal one gets for airplane tickets.

Here are some examples of online vendors of generic Hepatitis C medications and costs of 1 bottle
  1. Beware of companies with no review system. Below you can see a listing of ledipasvir/sofosbuvir tablets for only $400 per bottle. This would amount to $1,200 for the cost of treatment but think twice before trying to buy Hepcinat LP from such a vendor.generic harvoni cost per bottle
  2. This vendor of generic Hepatitis C medicines does look more credible. If you find such one, check their ‘About us' page and see if they have a privacy policy. Also check how many years they have been in business. Usually pharmaceutical companies that spawned up in 2015 and 2016 can't be fully trusted – their whole concept of business was selling of generic Harvoni or generic Sovaldi.
    hepcinat lp cost
  3. Below is an example of a page that does look suspicious. However, upon checking the site, it was found out that it is run by a Hepatitis C activist who had a personal experience of traveling to India and curing herself of Hepatitis C. Now she is trying to save others as well and does order Hepcinat LP in bulk and distributes it in the US. The cost of $1,495 per 3 bottles of generic Harvoni covers her costs and efforts only. So despite being vary of such amateur websites, one has to look at the details to find out if the online vendor sells credible generic medicines or not.
    price of hepcinat lp

Here is one touching story of a real-life Hepatitis C patient who cured himself by obtaining generic Hepatitis C medications.

Can you treat yourself with Ledifos, Hepcvir L, Hepcinat LP or any other generic Harvoni brand?

Before jumping to conclusions, there is one certain thing every patient has to do – consult with your doctor. Discuss the matter of Hepatitis C treatment. He or she is the one that knows your medical condition best and can help you choose the right treatment. Getting generic medications is usually on you; but do not hide that from your doctor. Most doctors understand that their patients can't afford $94,500 for the original drugs.

When starting treatment with Hepcinat LP obtained from India work with your doctor. He or she will prescribe you liver tests, Hepatitis C tests and blood work, which will confirm how the drugs are performing and how your body is reacting to them. If anything should go awry, you want you doctor to be aware of the whole situation to be able to help you in need.

Now it's on you – share your experience with Hepcinat LP and the costs

We invite you to share your experience in the comments. By doing this you will help other patients looking to buy Hepcinat LP or any other generic such as Ledifos or Hepcvir as well.

If you have any questions, start a discussion in our new forum. There are bound to be patients who had the same problems as you have that would gladly share their experiences with Hepatitis C and the treatment.

Stay healthy.





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