Ledifos and Sofovir from India – What you need to know

Ledifos is another one of generic versions of Harvoni. Created India's by Hetero Labs, it was launched in 2015. Thus far there are a number of Harvoni generics available in addition to Ledifos: such as Hepcinat-LP, Hepcvir-L and others. Ledifos cost in India has additionally lowered prices of Hepatitis C medications. For example, original Harvoni costs $94,500 in the US, while the price of Ledifos is around $1,000 for exactly the same HCV treatment.

Ledifos by Hetero Labs

90mg ledipasvir/400mg sofosbuvir tablets were developed and brought to market by an Indian company Hetero Labs. Hetero Labs is one of many companies in third world countries that has a license to create Hepatitis C medications of Gilead Sciences (originator).

Ledifos is by now a well-known Hepatitis C cure, especially for genotype 1 and 4. The standard treatment last for 12 weeks and Ledifos side effects are the same as those of Harvoni. Note that generic drugs are IDENTICAL in efficacy and side effects to original drugs. Hence the cure rate of Ledifos is the same as that of Harvoni – above 90%.

ledifos in india
Ledifos, generic version of Harvoni, is available in India

In addition to 90mg ledipasvir/400mg sofosbuvir pills in India, the company has also developed generic version of Sovaldi (400mg sofosbuvir) under a trademark name Sofovir. In the future, Hetero will also work on generic version of Epclusa. (*Epclusa is the new generation of Hepatitis C medications. The Indian companies that have licenses to create Hepatitis C drug generics will also work on developing Epclusa generics. This is bound to reduce the prices of new medications. As for now, the new original drug by originator costs up to $74,760 in the US. The generic competition by several Indian manufacturers is expected to bring down prices to about $1,000.)

There are little to no difference between Harvoni and Ledifos, with the exception of the price. Price of Ledifos is up to 99% lower than that of the original. This is why patients regularly travel to India to buy Ledifos or seek to buy Ledifos online from an accredited supplier. Such practices can be risky if patients are uninformed about what they are buying and from who. In the end we will list some online suppliers of Ledifos that patients should avoid by implementing some critical thinking.

Ledifos Cost in India

India is starting to get a reputation of a country where most drugs can be obtained with a more than 90% discount in comparison with the US or European prices. Cost of generic Harvoni by Hetero Labs reflect exactly this: while in the US patients have to pay $94,500 for Harvoni treatment, the identical (generic) drug Ledifos in India costs around $1,000.

ledifos consult with doctor
Always consult with your doctor about the best treatment options.

The generic medication can be bought in bottles of 28 pills. A standard 12-week treatment of genotype 1 or 4 consists of a 1 pill per day regimen. Thus a standard patient would need 84 pills for full treatment, or 3 bottles of generic ledipasvir/sofosbuvir combo.

Traveling to India to buy Ledifos?

Some patients choose to travel to India to buy generic medications. Because of extremely high costs of HCV drugs in the US or Europe, Hepatitis C patients visit bigger cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and so on. There they seek out Indian doctors who prescribe them generic Harvoni. This is later obtained via distributors as described in our article about generic version of Sovaldi and Harvoni.

The whole process is a bit complicated. What patients frequently forget is to bring with them all medical documentation. Liver results like fibroscans and blood work can be very important when trying to get a prescription from an Indian doctor. There are good and bad stories about going to India to buy Ledifos. Some patients obtained the medicines for less than $1,500 and the cost of their trip was about $2,000. However, some came back emptyhanded.

Buying Ledifos Online?

A simpler way to be to buy Indian generics online and have it shipped to the US, Europe, Australia and so on. This is pretty much the first idea on everybody's mind but it turned out to be a lot more difficult than it sounds. The reason? Online pharmacies, especially those in India and especially those selling high margin medicines such as Hepatitis C treatment can be difficult to trust.

Finding a credible pharmacy with a license by Indian government to sell Ledifos online is very difficult. Here are some examples of vendors and you can judge for yourself if them seem credible or not.

Online pharmacy #1:

buy ledifos online
Notice no reviews and ‘3 left in stock'. This might raise some alarms.

Online pharmacy #2:

ledifos cost in india
This supplier does look more credible that #1.

With shady business trying to make money, always be careful about buying drugs online. Do bear in mind that buying life-saving medicines is never a good time to seek out ‘deals'. In other words, some online pharmacy might offer higher prices but is more credible. Patients should be recommended to make an informed decision about which online pharmacy that sells Ledifos or any other treatment to trust.

If you have some experiences with Ledifos, or any questions, please you the comments to ask or share.

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