Liver Supplements – Complete Liver Health Products Overview

Liver is the heart of the body.

Although people believe heart is the center of the body, and in many was it is, it is actually the liver which performs the heavy duty function. Minding about proper liver nutrition with the help of liver supplements is every bit as much as important as taking care for a healthy heart.

What does the liver do? Liver supplements help liver functions

Liver is the biggest organ in human body weighing at around 3 lb (1.5 kg). That is for instance much larger than the heart, kidneys and lungs, and rightfully so. Liver also gets a big part of blood supply due to the importance of liver functions. Located on the right side of the abdomen liver function are felt across the body because it is so well connected with the blood flow – actually everything we eat, pills included, is absorbed and transported to the liver prior to being introduced to the rest of the organism. Liver is number #1 concern because it performs these vital functions:

  • PROTEIN PRODUCTION: Vital blood proteins are synthesised by the liver enzymes
  • FAT METABOLISM: Liver produces the bile which takes care of fat we eat – without it we could not absorb fat
  • ENERGY SUPPLY: Human liver can hold more than 200g of pure sugar to be used whenever needed
  • IRON STORES: For healthy blood humans need iron which is readily stored in the liver
  • BODY DETOX: Liver clears the blood toxins by excreting them via kidneys
  • DRUG ELIMINATION: Drugs such as Hep C Harvoni and Sovaldi are readily eliminated by the liver to optimize the health of the body and the effectiveness of treatment
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM: Liver produced factors for antibodies which clear bacteria and viruses from our system
  • REGULATING BLOOD: Blood clotting factors are all produced and maintained by the liver

In short, liver is the body's power plant for detoxification and healthy immune system – this is why taking care of liver by liver supplements can be more important than taking care of any other organ.

How is your liver doing?

A bad liver is to a Frenchman what a nervous breakdown is to an American. Everyone has had one and everyone wants to talk about it. (Art Buchwald)

Most of us are confident that our liver are just fine. However, after the 30th year liver problems can be a major origin of other diseases – such as heart diseases, mental disorders, food problems, blood disorders and so on. These conditions all have a case of bad liver as the reason why they occur in the first place. Bad liver are not a completely Frenchmen issue. In US it is estimated that more than 60% of people have underperforming liver function that give rise to serious illnesses.

Lowering liver function with the years is completely normal. It is just a way of nature telling us our sons and daughters are the prime generation now and we're slowly drifting away. But in a modern world we should not accept being unhealthy. In the dawn on mankind people lived 30 to 40 years at most – today we have many people who are still reasonably healthy at 100.

How to get your liver up to speed – eat healthy and use natural liver supplements

Fortunately, there are ways to help liver to start performing very well again. Healthy nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy liver – eating healthy fats, lots of protein and vegetables is something that will really work as an upbeat factor for the liver…

…but everybody is already doing that.

Liver Supplements liver support and health

We all know that heavy drinking hurts the liver and healthy nutrition helps the liver. However, the more our body ages, the less effect will the healthy nutrition have on healthy liver.

In order to increase liver functions and overall healthy of our bodies it is highly recommended by both doctors and pharmacist to use natural and herbal liver supplements. These work as an addition to a healthy diet. Whereas healthy diet can take our liver only so far – proper use of liver supplements can propel our liver function and health considerably and help us immensely in avoiding liver diseases or diseases associated with liver dysfunction.

Liver Detox and Liver Support Supplements

There are two recommended ways of how to get healthier and high functioning liver.

First one is liver detoxification. Admitting it or not, everybody has a bad habit or three. These may involve fast food, smoking or just not exercising enough. Nonetheless, even the healthiest athletes will not have completely detox liver. Knowing that they are also found of taking liver detox supplements in order to clense the liver and give it a fresh beginning – this works favorably on blood health and solid immune system. However, liver detox is a necessity for everybody who may have a bad habit and and the first thing to do for a healthy liver is to detoxify it. Only after that the liver support supplements should be applied. Note that the best is the combination of both – liver detox products with liver support supplements – in such a way your live is kept at the peak condition all the time and you can see the positive results of that straight away.

As far as liver detox products go the more natural and herbal the better. Liver can be clensed quite succesfully with natural milk thistle which connects to the liver toxins and detoxify them over the period of few day. The golden standard for liver detox is Standarized Milk Thistle Silymarin Extract which is both natural and has a proven record.

However, if you have a bad habit or two the more recommended liver detox product is Liver Detox Formula. It contains the whole package of liver detox healthy ingredients such as Vitamin B12, Folic acid and Vitamin C. The added advantage here is that it doesn't offer only a complete clense of the liver but it also favorably works on kidneys and gall blatter. Together these two liver detox products have more than 1,000 5 star ratings of Amazon and are best-sellers because of the proven effect as the best liver clensers. (check out below)

Here is what people who use the herbal Milk Thistle Silymarion Extract think:
I take Milk Thistle for liver support. It appears to be working well. The product is always fresh and well packaged. Automatic order.
The other part of keeping your liver healthy are liver support supplements. As you can see below, we have already covered liver detox with milk thistle being the best medicine. When our liver is clensed it is recommended to give it additional nutrition for it to always keep that healthy state. Natural supplements containing B12 Vitamin, enzyme support and dandelion root are readily available.

liver support supplements

Here the golden standard is Liver Heath Supplement. This is a product praised by doctors because it offers a very exciting mix of ingredients including essential amino acid L-arginine and B12 Vitamin for constant liver functions boost as well as milk thistle – a herbal extract that also clenses the liver. Another even more natural and vegeratian friendly liver supplement is Himalaya LiverCare. This is a part of alternative medicine for liver support supplements with a proven track record – it's boosting more than 200 top notch reviews just on Amazon (check out below).

All-in-One Liver Supplement (Detox + Support)

We have seen there are two ways to a healthy liver – and both of them should be used to achieve high functioning liver and avoid disease associated with it. However, if you have difficulty of taking two pills per day, you can look into taking just one for a perfectly functioning liver. Premium Liver Detox and Support Supplement is designed expecially to make the whole process easier – just a pill a day and you've taken care of your liver. Based on my own experience and the numerous positive reviews I have to say this is the most comfortable way to make your liver strong again.

Make your Liver strong today

Liver is the most important organ we have and well worth taking care of. Just remember three things:

  • Eat Healthy
  • Exercise
  • Include Liver Supplements in Your Diet

You will find a new energy inside you when your liver will be up to speed with you with these three simple steps.

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